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Scientifique Research Committee
Scientifique Research Committee


Institut Neurologique de MontréalThe Fondation André-Delambre supports a clinical training program on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis at the MNI once again.

Montreal, August 2007 – For a second consecutive year, a generous grant from the Fondation André-Delambre has enabled the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) to offer a one-year scholarship to a clinical intern to complete research training under Dr. Angela Genge, director of the clinical research unit.

In 2005, the Fondation André-Delambre funded the first grant, which was awarded to Dr. Alison Moore, who completed a year of training at the MNI. Dr. Moore’s background in neurorehabilitation and her knowledge of progressive spinal muscular atrophy, a related disease that affects children, set the focus of part of her work during her time at the MNI. Dr. Moore is now applying the knowledge she acquired to her work as a neurologist and neurorehabilitation specialist at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

The MNI was thrilled to receive additional funding from the Fondation André-Delambre for a second one-year scholarship. The position was advertised in the spring of 2007 and drew applications from several candidates. A selection committee made up of doctors and research scientists at the MNI reviewed the applications. The happy recipient of the scholarship is Dr. Danielle Lavoie, who joined the MNI team in August 2007. The $75,000 grant from the Fondation André-Delambre will cover her salary for a year and allow her to specialize and perfect her skills.

During the year, Dr. Lavoie must achieve four main goals. She will be required to (1) provide care in the ALS clinic, (2) design and implement a clinical research project related to ALS, (3) receive advanced training in electromyography (EMG) and (4) take part as a clinical expert in clinical treatment studies being conducted at the MNI.

Dr. Lavoie’s work will be a major contribution to the efforts of MNI’s clinical and scientific team and lead to improved communication between researchers in Quebec and elsewhere who are studying ALS. The specialized training being offered will enable Dr. Lavoie to leave the MNI with superior clinical skills that she can then share with members of the scientific community, thereby maximizing the impact of this grant.

Dr. Angela Genge

Newfoundland-born, Dr. Angela Genge completed her medical degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She completed her Canadian and American certifications in internal medicine and neurology prior to completing a fellowship in neuromuscular diseases. She joined the staff of the Montreal Neurological Hospital in 1994 and became director of the ALS Clinic in 1998.
Her involvement in clinical research began while still a resident in neurology. She assisted Dr. Gordon Francis, founding director of the clinical research unit (CRU) at the Montreal Neurological Institute, in early trials in both multiple sclerosis and neuroAIDS.
Although her interest in neurology focused on neuromuscular disease, she continued working with the CRU and brought in clinical trials for other neuromuscular disorders, such as ALS, myopathies, neuropathies and myasthenia gravis, and more recently pain.
Dr. Genge was appointed director of the CRU in December 2004. Her goal has been to expand both the number and scope of clinical trials in neurological disease.

Montreal Neurological Institute ( MNI )

The Montreal Neurological Institute ( of McGill University ( is a research institute dedicated to the study of the nervous system and neurological diseases. Founded in 1934 by the renowned Dr. Wilder Penfield, the MNI is one of the largest institutes of its kind in the world. MNI’s researchers are leaders in cellular and molecular neurosciences, brain imaging, cognitive neurosciences and the study and treatment of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and neuromuscular diseases. The MNI, with its clinical partner the Montreal Neurological Hospital (MNH) of the McGill University Health Centre (, continues to integrate research, patient care and training. The MNI is recognized as one of the leading neurosciences centres in the world. Specialists from the neurological institute and hospital provide treatment and multidisciplinary care to patients with ALS, Parkinson’s disease, mobility problems, multiple sclerosis, brain tumours and other neurological and neurosurgical problems.




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