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"A spark that lights the way toward a solution"

-André Delambre
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History of the Foundation André-Delambre

The Fondation André-Delambre was created when André Delambre, a businessman well-known in artistic circles, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), an incurable disease.

Shortly after he was diagnosed, in March 2002, Delambre realized that the needs of people suffering from the disease far outstrip the resources allocated for it. Because ALS is a sudden-onset disease, the Quebec health care system cannot react fast enough to fight it.

Energetic and enterprising, Delambre became a member of the Board of Directors of the ALS Society of Quebec in order to assist his fellow sufferers. He quickly ascertained that the organization could do far more if it had more funds at its disposal. With the intent of furthering their common cause, he thought of organizing a fundraising cocktail event and discussed this idea with his friend and employer, René Angélil, who immediately offered to help.

The cocktail turned into a 900-guest gala at the Bell Centre, with a sit-down dinner and live entertainment by Marc Dupré, Garou and Céline Dion. Seeing the scope of the event Angélil had organized for him, Delambre decided to create his own foundation in order to manage the funds raised that evening. The Fondation André-Delambre came into being with $1 million in its account, part of which was transferred to the ALS Society of Quebec.

The Fondation André-Delambre was created in October 2003. Its founding members were all friends of Delambre who wished to support him in his fight against the disease.

Delambre’s primary concern was to use the money in a just and conscientious manner. Rather than favor a particular individual, he wanted to help as many people as possible. Together with the Board of Directors, he decided to allocate a certain amount to assist patients and their families, and other amounts for research. Since the ALS Society of Quebec already offers patient support, they receive a grant in order to improve those services. This grant is renewed on a yearly basis, based on the ALSSQ’s needs.

The scientific funding is more difficult to allocate since none of the members on the Board of Directors has a science background. Around that time, Delambre, who was sitting on the board of a pharmaceutical company, happened to meet Gilles Cloutier, a retired researcher who was touched by Delambre’s condition and offered his help. Delambre immediately asked him if he would set up a Scientific Committee whose function would be to make grant recommendations to the members of the Board.

In the foundation’s first year, Delambre was Chair of the Board of Directors. In the second year, he passed the torch to his friend, Richard Laramée, but, as Vice-Chair, remained active within the organization. Although he devoted a great deal of his time to the foundation, Delambre wanted it to outlive him, so he gave up the position of Chair in order to allow other board members to become more involved. After Richard Laramée’s term, Gilles Cloutier was named Chair and he continues to fulfill the mandate he received from the foundation’s founder.

Today, although its founder has passed away, the foundation lives on. The Board continues to fulfill Delambre’s wish and abide by his vision, which coincides with the mission of the Fondation André-Delambre: namely, to assist people suffering from ALS and their families, raise awareness of the disease and fund research.



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